Never underestimate a baby

I’ve never seriously tried feeding Sophia with anything other than bottles, sippy cups and straw cups. I do give her occasional sips with my bottle and once with a mineral water bottle at The Pantry at Loewen Gardens but often water spills out the sides. When feeding her medicine, I’ve always used a syringe even though I mix up her tummy bug powder with water in a tiny cup. When feeding the last dose, I suddenly got lazy and decided to feed her directly from the cup while sitting upright. Of course, since its medicine, I was very careful to tip it “just so”. Helped that the cup was transparent so I could see exactly where the water level was. Sophia slurped it all up without spilling or leaving behind a drop! So all along she was capable of drinking from a cup but mummy was incapable of holding the cup properly for her.

Never underestimate the abilities of a baby. For many things, its a matter of whether they are inclined to do it and not whether they are able to do it. I’m quite sure Sophia is capable of feeding herself clumsily but she would much rather squash the food between her fingers. Nothing I can do about it.

Ah well, nobody ever said parenting was easy, but I never expected it to be so full of pleasant surprises. Sophia, mummy’s waiting in anticipation for your next trick!

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