I love my job

No, my boss does not read/know about this blog. This is not a butter up my boss attempt. Its just that I just received a cold call from a headhunter and these calls always make me reflect about my existing position and whether its worth staying knowing that there are also many options out there. I am glad that for the past few calls I have always concluded that it is.

Of course, it doesn’t help that this particular headhunter really put me off. I have no idea how he got my work number given that, unlike when I was in private practice, my profile is not really out there in the open. All he could say was that its a higher position than my current as “compliance manager” (not true) and higher comp. Its beyond obvious that he was just shooting from the hip.

But anyway, this call made me think about my current position and I really don’t have much to complain. The hours are generally really stable 9 – 6, with only the odd days where I have to stay a bit later for a closing and even those days are not as late as what I used to be doing. Compensation is reasonable, I can probably get more in private practice especially if I do ever make equity partner but seriously, which mum needs that kind of work commitment. I am firmly of the view that being a good law firm partner is incompatible with being a good mum. My current job enables me to be a competent mum while bringing home enough for us to live comfortably. And I’m contented with that.

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