Baa baa black bear

Now I know why teddy bears were so popular for centuries. There is just some charm about cuddly wuddly bears that draw little children to them. The fact that real bears are often vicious and an encounter with one can potentially be life threatening is completely and utterly irrelevant. Sophia has a fair collection of soft toys comprising tigger, penguine, rabbit and of course bears. She clearly loves the bears best of all to the complete exclusion of other soft toy animals. She loves it so much that “bear” (sounds more like “baa”) is one of her first words that she spoke with comprehension of its meaning. Yesterday she was standing at one end of the sofa, turned and saw a group of bears on the other end, pointed and said “baa… baa” and proceeded to crawl purposefully towards them. I was shocked as before this I wasn’t even 100% believing that she knew what mama means even though she has said it many times while looking at me with longing eyes.

I have no idea why the immense fascination with bears since she seems to like dogs enough when we brought her to K9 campus, and birds enough when we show her the pigeons outside her window or point her to the owl and random pink bird decals on her nusery wall. She likes her bears so much that when I gave her a set of animal flashcards to play with, she picked out the 2 bears inside (a black bear and a koala) and kept tapping on them after chucking all the other cards behind her.

Yes, I do flashcards. very occassionally. Don’t judge. I am kiasu but lazy so I guess I will be condemned by both sides of the camp – those that think flashcards are artificial and kill kids’ creativity and ability to learn and explore independently as well as those who think that as responsible parents we should quickly input the foundational information that kids use to build their future knowledge upon.


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