Pardon the radio silence the past few days. I was in Penang with the baby and the hubby. And also I have acquired a mac and have absolutely no friggin idea how to use it. I’m still struggling with it but clearly I’m not as young and open to new things as I thought I was, because it is as hard as I thought it would be. And this is of course the reason why I have resisted the switch to a mac for years, only to give in now when I am perhaps too old to deal with the change. We’ll see.

On the trip, baby girl torturing us at bedtime in Penang. Its so hard to get her to sleep, she keeps standing up in the playpen the provided and we ended up letting her sleep in our bed before carrying her into hers when she falls asleep. Bad habit that led to 1.5 hours of coaxing before she would sleep in her crib today. Doesn’t help that I’m suffering from clogged ducts so every time she struggles as I try to hold her down hurts like hell. Good thing grandpa came to the rescue.

I’ll update about the trip in another one or two posts, meanwhile, here’s a photo of the naughty girl at bedtime……

I love my new bed too much to sleep in it

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