The funny bits

The first trip with Sophia came and went and I’m really glad we made it because now it opened up grandpa’s mind to bringing her on trips and he’s now contemplating bringing her to Genting in December! Yay!

I guess nothing on the trip is ha-ha funny but there are a couple of “I never imagined that could happen” funny things.

On breakfast the second day, Sophia was, as usual, whining to be carried by mummy (no, daddy won’t do, only mummy) and so I brought her along to pick up food from the buffet. When I returned, she was slipping off my arm as I balanced a plate on the other. Daddy jumped up to help and as I was putting the plate on the table, I heard a loud plastiky pop and splat, sort of like toppling over a coffee mug except more muffled. A split second later a scream and some waiters rushing over. Apparently, when stepping forward to help us, daddy stepped on a container of strawberry jam that Sophia dropped on the floor, the contents squirted out under the pressure and landed across the seat and clothes of the lady sitting in the next table. She was not happy at all about the turn of events. And throughout all this her husband just looked on poker faced then continued reading his papers when she went off to change. Potentially funny in a cheap comedy but in real life not so funny. There was a lot of awkwardness as we offered to pick up the laundry charges  and apologised profusely.

Fast forward 2 days and we are back in Changi airport. Mummy is carrying Sophia while daddy stood watching out for the luggages. Mummy spotted grandpa and grandma and waved. Sophia waved too. Amidst all these, mummy spied a luggage with a purple ribbon and a huge fragile label that looked very familiar and pointed for daddy to check if its ours. Daddy reached for the luggage and off we went. Turns out, it wasn’t ours and we ended up heading back to the airport in the evening to exchange for our, which fortunately was returned to lost and found. Poor guy whose luggage we took and I really hope he isn’t a tourist and there isn’t anything he urgently needs in the luggage. As punishment, Sophia got over tired from returning too late and cried very loudly at bedtime for a very long time before going down to sleep.

Stay tuned for review of the family friendly Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-la……

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