The good, the bad and the ugly

Here’s the long overdue photo review of the Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-la that we stayed in Penang. To set the stage, we went knowing it was the poorer sister in the Shang family that was geared more towards family fun than luxury. It was also supposed to come with the largest indoor children playground in the area and generally kids friendly. Review on tripadviser was generally good.

The good:

Sophia loves our bed and so do we

The room was generally comfy and clean. It was pretty spacious and I liked that the floor was not carpeted, which made me very comfortable about letting Sophia crawl and cruise around. We all loved our bed, especially Sophia, who was all smiles whenever she’s on it and tumbling around like its a bouncing castle.

The bad:

Sophia didn't much enjoy her bed though

The baby crib that was provided was a playpen with very thin mattress at the bottom. For some reason Sophia was very keen on standing up then falling down laughing once we put her in so we were very worried she would knock her hed on something beneath the thin mattress. It also clearly wasn’t very comfortable because Sophia could only fall asleep on our bed but not hers, we had to carry her into her own bed.

There were some other minor gripes about the room as well, like the lack of bathtub. And the artwork was mouldy inside the frame.

The good:

Lots of kids facilities that even mummy enjoysIf you're there with a toddler 3 and above there is probably a lot for the child to enjoy. There are long slides in the indoor playground and swings etc in the outdoor playground. There's also a waterslide at the pool. I also liked that the shallow part of the pool was sheltered and floaters clearly marked the ends of each zone at the pool so parents can be sure their kids are safely in the shallow zone with just one look.The bad:Not much suitable for an infant below 1If you're there with an infant though, she can only watch for the most part of it. She can of course be brought into the pool which we did once and play at the ballpit which we didn't bring her for because it cost about RM10 to roll in the balls for an hour. We figured she can roll around on our bed.The ugly:Unmade rooms are not presentable at all

Our room was still being made up when we arrived. Not good at all.

Compensation was a bottle of red wine, delivered at a most inconvenient time when we were trying to make our baby sleep. Since I don’t drink alcohol while breastfeeding, its not a very useful gift either. Oh well, nice gesture anyway.


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