Wetting her bed

I so wasn’t expecting to deal with a puddle of wet pee on baby’s bed before toilet training starts. I mean the whole point of the diaper was to catch the pee right? But yet last night at 4pm Sophia was standing clinging on to the corner of her crib closest to the door and screaming her lungs out for us. I went in and as usual tried to pat her bck to sleep without turning on teh lights but she was strangely inconsolable. So I thought her diaper was wet but when I tried to change it, that was when I noticed that the disper itself ws strangely light but there was a lot of moisture all around. One leg of her sleepsuit was completely wet as was a corner taking up about one fifth of the bed. Sigh. No choice but to change her and transfer her to the crib in my room, by which time she was already fully awake.

What’s more, instead of her usual sleepsuit I put her into a set of footed pants and t-shirt and what do you know, this morning I found her with just t-shirt and diapers on. Somehow she has managed to take off her pants! The little flasher!

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