Corn muffins

Far from perfect. As you can tell from the pictures. But nevertheless, a good start from the baking hiatus ever since Sophia was born.

"Kenny Rogers" corn muffins

The inside is not “cakey” enough. Not that its very dense but it doesn’t crumble the way I think corn bread should. That’s not to say I recall ever having eaten cornbread in my life but somehow I have a feel about how its taste and texture just by looking at pictures and this is not it. I can also bite into the corn grits even though I’ve already used fine ground cornmeal. Something is not quite right here.

Actually the recipe felt odd. Google Kenny Rogers corn muffins and you will find multiple sites with the exact same recipe. I shall not replicate it here because its on so many sites I don’t know which to credit! The first step involved mixing the fat (butter) and sugar directly with the eggs and the salt is also thrown into this mixture instead of being mixed into the flour. Step one hence yielded a very lumpy suspension of butter in egg instead of a smooth mixture. More typically the fat and sugar is mixed together then eggs are added and I usually end up with a smooth mixture. Not blaming the recipe for my failure. Just saying.

Does anyone have any solution to my corn muffin issue? I think step 1 to fixing it should be to get the hubby to bring me to kenny rogers for the real deal by way of research.

Btw, I halved the recipe and yielded 10 when its supposed to yield 6 muffins. Guess 1 Singaporean muffin is roughly equivalent to 2 American muffins.

I also did japanese cheesecake yesterday and it was an even bigger failure. To start with some yolk accidentally got into the white so the white refused to be beaten up properly. Then I didn’t tent properly so part of the cake got stuck to the foil. I ended up with a cake that collapsed and had an ugly patch. How sad. Usually this recipe (google japanese cotton soft cheesecake) is really easy! I’ve never failed with it. There’s always a first I guess.

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