Horror China

I had another post lined up but the recent news reports related to babies in China just shocked me too much.

The first report came a few days ago. It was about a hospital in Foshan mistakenly treating a premature baby as dead and discarding it in a yellow plastic bag as trash. The hospital also told the family that the baby was a girl and this is where different sources seem to differ, some say it was a kind act on the part of the nurses to soften the blow as daughters are thought of as not being as good while others say it was yet another instance of negligence. It was just atrocious that doctors can disgnose a living baby as dead and discard it as trash. Talk on the internet is that could even be a case of attempted human trafficking, ie some of the healthcare professionals kept the baby to sell.


The second is a case of a baby being snatched from a hospital ward.


Both these stories are related to the human trafficking situation in China and reminds me of earlier chain mails warning of elaborate schemes to abduct children. Reports like this (http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/story/2011-11-04/china-babies/51068604/1) shock me to the core now that I have a baby that I will never ever want to lose. And THIS is the reason why I will not bring Sophia or any of my subsequent children to China in the near future. That and the crazily polluted air of course.

Update: This blog has apparently been blocked by China’s web filter. My in laws can’t access this blog to view their grandchild’s photos anymore. And I suspect its because of this post / these links. I must say their web filter is very thorough. But it would be much better if a thorough job can be done in solving the problem rather than in covering up the problem. I hope the Chinese government is also working on the solving part and not focusing just on the covering part. That said, I do appreciate that a large country can be difficult to govern. Which is why I choose to be in Singapore. It provides most of the things I value – security from crime, safety from natural disasters, relatively free from pollution and efficiency.


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