Where did she learn that?

Its just amazing how children soak things up like a sponge and while you are going about your life thinking they do not understand a thing, they already do.

I have no idea when or how but Sophia understands “no” and variations of it like “you cannot do that”, “You’ll fall down!” and the like. When she’s pulling herself up on something that isn’t particularly stable I’ll say “don’t do that” and she’ll immediately sit back down on the floor.

She also understands “give” and “put”. When I ask her to give something to me, most of the time she does. Although if she really likes the thing she expects it to be given back to her relatively quickly. When I ask her to put something into the box/pail/basket she does too. I think this she picked up from clean up time at school. where they all help to put their toys away.

I better watch what I say lest she picks up all the wrong stuff from me!


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