Current favorite cookbook

My favourite cookbook is not one of those celebrity chef’s book, or something published by a famous restaurant or bakery but rather trusty ol’ Edmunds cookbook which my bestest kiwi friend brought back from New Zealand for me on one of her trips home. This book is choked full of simple, down to earth recipes of things you can actually whip up without having to go to the supermarket and buy a bunch of ingredients which you will use a tablespoon of then leave to mould in the corner of your fridge. What’s more, the recipes work. And very well. Remember the corn muffins that failed? I scored the internet for a recipe that would solve my problem of gritty cornmeal bits but none seem to even contemplate that as an issue. But Edmund’s recipe was a sure winner. It called for heating up of the milk then adding the corn grits into the milk along with oh I don’t remember what. My point was that this was the clear solution to the problem. The warm milk was sure to soften up the grits and it did exactly that. All I needed to do was to work in some honey into the recipe to get an even better tasting muffin.



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