Monsoon Ball

Outdoor dance area

Last saturday (yes I know I’m slow) was monsoon ball for the Insead Singapore campus and the first time in at least 5 years I’ve been to a dance party. For those of you who forgot what dance parties for university students on the early 2000s were like, here’s a quick recap. A bunch of students who need to raise funds for an event, say a dinner and dance or orientation, will strike a deal with a club on one of their less popular night (i.e. unlikely to be wednesday for zouk or saturday at most clubs) whereby they have exclusive use of their grounds during the not so hot hours say 8 to 10 or 11. Said group of students will then sell tickets which entitle the ticket holder to 1 or 2 house pours and unlimited dance time (of course). Depending on whether the sole purpose of the bash was to make money or also to gain publicity for something else, there may or may not be mini events such as fashion shows or dances put up at the initial part of the bash. Thereafter its off to the dance floor. Dresscode is typically the less the better for females and jeans with t-shirt or casual shirt for males.

This party is not like that. First of all, dress code is black tie or national costume. Since the hubby does not own a tux and we have no intention of renting one which would be crappy anyway because this is Singapore, we went with national costume. I wore my wedding cheongsum and Kenny wore his wedding mandarin collar suit. We didn’t feel overdressed.

The venue was The Jewel Box at Mount Faber. The entire space was, as far as I could tell, booked by Insead – the indoor dance club on first floor, the outdoor area on second floor, the bar on the third floor, everything.

We were told prior to the party that finger food was provided. To my pleasant surprise, finger food in Insead speak is plentiful supply of satays, meat carvings, mini burgers, thai fish cakes, salads, baked snapper etc, which at midnight was all cleared and replaced with a fresh set of soups, potatoes, breads, more meats etc. Notice the description of the second set of food was more vague because I didn’t partake of it. Anyway, either of the sets would have made a very decent dinner buffet spread is the point I’m trying to make.

But the highlight to most was the alcohol. There ain’t no maximum-2-house-pours-diluted-with-95%-juice nonsense here. Champagne was offered upon entrance and efficiently topped up. If champagne is not your poison of choice, name yours at the bar and you will get it. Hard liquor, beer, wines, you name it and its available at no extra charge.

And the part that impressed me second-most (because I have the most impressive part in the next paragraph) was a table full of mineral water! I was always completely dehydrated at parties because it is so uncool to carry a bottle of water while dancing but all those juices are so overly sweetened they just make me more thirsty. Alcohol doesn’t help either of course. So yes, free flow water makes me a happy girl.


And the most impressive part of the party is probably attributable more to the management of the Jewel Box rather than the monsoon ball / Insead (though kudos for picking a great venue) is… the toilets. The toilets were much nicer than many 5 star hotels’ complete with a sofa area where many ladies were resting and chatting at. There was absolutely no smell either of puke or other excretion. This I have never experienced before at any party. And is very very much appreciated by me. I don’t know how Jewel Box does it despite the free flow alcohol but I’m certainly not complaining.



That completes the most amazing party I’ve ever been part of. I only wish I wasn’t so old and tired by the end of it.


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