The mad baker woman

I’ve been bitten by the baking bug these days and extra time at night has been spent baking rather than uploading photos. I’m sorry. I’ve also been hit by a persistent dry cough and a stomach upset from eating the very popular tom yum sliced fish noodle on phillip street, the coffeeshop next to the equally popular duck rice place. As a result I’ve been exhausted. And I haven’t bought a present for Sophia’s cousin whose birthday party is this weekend. I better come up with something good quick!

On a happier note, Sophia has been growing so well. She can now stand and walk holding on to things very well. And Gong Gong apparently has been showing her the animal flashcards a lot because she keeps pulling them out from the bookshelf. She can now identify the common animals (common as in apearing frequently in her books and toys) like lion, giraffe, bear (favourite), dog, cat, rabbit etc. And she screams really loudly when she sees the koala bear. Now I can’t imagine bringing her to the zoo. She’ll probably be noisier than the monkeys.

I really can’t wait for her to start speaking in proper words. She’s still stuck at bear (clearer than before, sounding like bea rather than bar), mum-mum (which is not technically a word and which she says only when she’s really really hungry), ma ma (only when she really wants something from mummy) and bird (which sounds like “boar” but we know she means bird because she says it animated whenever she sees a bird). There’s also ‘ta ta ta ta” which apparently has no english equivalent but is an expression of excitement, like when she sees a video of all the dogs at K9 campus. I wonder whether I should start her on baby sign language but I think she has already used up the most important one (milk) for “twinkle twinkle little star”. And grandma is trying to teach her “smelly” to indicate that she has pooped but it looks too much like bye-bye to me. Oh and her “come over” and “hello” looks like bye-bye too. Its all in all too confusing for me.

Anyway, it may be good that she can’t express herself properly yet. Then I can pretend not to know that she wants a share of the ice cream we’re happily eating!

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