“Light reading”

Am I the only one who finds chick lits depressing? I have been reading Sophie Kinsella’s Mini Shopaholic after a long break from reading anything other than babycare / child development books in my free time, and the familiar feeling blue feeling when reading such books came back to me. I know such books are supposed to be light and entertaining and therefore relaxing, but the protagonist in such stories tends to be some lady who has a character trait most women can probably identify with (in the case of Becky, the urge to shop) and who leads a somewhat messed up life. It may be that the messed up life saddens me, especially given that in this particular story he daughter seems rather messed up as well. It may also be that the brainlessness of the story dulls my senses and drains me of my drive. Either way I’m miffed that I made such a bad choice of book to invest my limited free time away from baby in.

Don’t get me wrong, Sophie Kinsella is a very good writer not in the Shakespearean or even Louisa May Alcott way of course, but in a modern, light-hearted, humourous without being slapstick way. I especially liked “The Undomestic Goddess”. Its just that this genre for some reason is not for me and I must must remember this when picking my mum-time books in future. Perhaps Battle Cry of the Tiger Mum? *wink*


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