First Karaoke

Being asians, one of our family’s hobbies is karaoke. I haven’t had the chance to go for a session ever since my second trimester. So when my cousin Michelle’s birthday celebration was set at a chinese restaurant with karaoke function, I was secretly glad. The technology there is not state of the art and doesn’t have all of the the latest and greatest songs. But that’s ok because my cousins have all caught up to me in their repertoire (ie the songs we sing will be considered oldies to teenagers). I used to be the one singing chinese songs 5 years old and they would be picking the english songs or the newest chinese releases. Now we’re all singing 5 -10 year old songs, which makes karaoke all the more enjoyeable for me haha..
Unfortunately though, this time I had a worm to look after and feed. And she ain’t interested in no karaoke. So I didn’t get to sing, which was just as well since I was coughing. Sophia had fun climbing up and down the sofa though.

Climbing up and down as usual

And that even got her so tired that she fell asleep despite the loud music.


The said restaurant with karaoke is Yan Palace. The food has improved since the last time I ate there and is now pretty decent and not too expensive. It of course has a very old and not too luxurious feel but its kind of nostalgic to dine there. Kind of a blast from the past that nice once in a while.

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