Cousin’s birthday

Last sunday was Sophia’s cousin Samuel’s birthday party. The poor boy was sick (gastric flu) and so not allowed into his own party until the cake cutting time. Look at the colourful cake – very delicious too. Moist and chocolatey. Well, some who were silly enough to eat up all the fondant as well said it was too sweet but obviously, fondant is essentially a lump of sugar and it will not taste nice or not-to-sweet ever so just treat it as the non-toxic decoration (not food) it is and move on.

The handsome birthday boy

Samuel is very blessed to have a mum who put in a lot of effort to make his party a success.  Unfortunately I have very few photos of the event because my camera’s memory card decided to break down on me at the party so I can’t show photos but the wall was full of home made decorations that Samuel’s mummy painstakingly printed, coloured, cut and stuck on the walls. It was great that Samuel’s birthday was held at the same venue Sophia’s party is going to be held and his mummy is so organised which gave me a lot of pointers for Sophia’s first birthday. Lucky me. And lucky you too because I am going to share them with you:
  1.  Balloons are essential. I didn’t think they made much difference previously possibly because at another friend’s 2 parties, her balloons were clustered around the air con vents and her ceiling was too tall for the balloons to attract attention. My function room’s ceiling is low enough for the streamers hanging from the balloon to dangle to eye level so it all looks rather festive.
  2. Prepare mosquito repellent. I haven’t been bitten by mosquitoes recently so it wouldn’t occur to me that mozzies would be an issue but my sister-in-law got bitten multiple times so I better be prepared. Wouldn’t want my guests to be uncomfortable. Perhaps I’ll buy a few packs of mossie patches and stick a patch each into the goodie bags. Or I’ll put out Sophia’s citronella repellent for all to share, which could be better because its organic and all that.
  3. Be prepared for lots of no-shows, especially if the invite list consists of families with children. Therefore prepare less food to prevent wastage and brace yourself for disappointment
  4. There is a chance nobody will be interested in the baby corner. At Chai Lih’s party the children’s corner was always crowded and I assumed it would be the same at Samuel’s party but very few were interested in the baby corner this time. Its probably because the babies attending at too young and generally just busy sleeping / drinking / running away from unfamiliar grandma (Sophia). Therefore I should just put together a baby corner with what I have and not waste resources renting toys.
  5. There may not be enough chairs in the function room (though after the parties we discovered 14 foldable chairs behind the folding doors hiding a storage area) so I should move a couple of poolside tables and accompanying chairs over to the area next to the function room beforehand to cater for spillovers.
  6. Plan plan plan. So many things can go wrong. Even as a helper I had to keep going up to my apartment to get things so I better keep my lists.

Anyway, enough with lists about lists. Back to the party, baby Sanuel also received many nice pressies…

Lots of gifts

And I baked tigger cookies for the party. Reduced sugar for the kids to enjoy as teething biscuits as well. Thought about frosting them but that would probably make the children bounce off the walls. Just so happy that the cookie cutters arrived in time.

Tigger cookies in line with theme


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