The mighty pen

Sophia has recently gotten into the habit of going around clutching something. Its usually a pen but can also be her colour cards, my lipstick, grandma’s eyeliner, grandpa’s comb or just whatever happens to catch her fancy at the moment. Pens are favourites so grandpa no longer keeps a pen in his pocket. It never stays there anyway. Look at her, refusing to let go of her pen even when drinking milk.

Clinging on to her pen

If we try to pry the pen away from her she screams. Speaking of which, she is really growing into a little tyrant. When we bring her out she’ll dictate who she wants to be carried by and if she’s not carried by the appointed person she’ll make a fuss. She’s also started fighting for toys with other children, which she never used to do. I hope this is just another phase that will pass once she starts to speak. I suspect she’s now frustrated by her inability to express herself. And she has so much to say! In babyspeak that nobody understands……

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