Kids Neurogym review

A couple of weeks ago I brought Sophia for a trial at Kids Neurogym. I know, I’m being a bit slow but at the same time it felt like a non event so I wasn’t very motivated to blog about it. Basically the structure of the class is simple. The kids do a routine in the gym area (pictured below) then its freeplay time while the teachers bring them to the side to do one to one flashcards sessions. Sophia is shown flashcards of words which will then be matched to pictures in a large storybook. Thereafter there’s flashcards of dots to teach children numbers.

Layout of the gym

The trial is one to one, unlike actual classes so it lacks the social aspect and I felt was bad marketing as the class felt very dull and lifeless despite a pretty good teacher just because of the location and the lack of other children around. I was also unable to picture what a real class would be like which sort of defeats the purpose of a trial. What I like: The teacher speaks good english and seems to be a properly trained in early childhood education. She used to work in childcare centers and seems to genuinely love children even though she’s not quite as animated as the teachers in Julia Gabriel. The toned down manner appeals to me though maybe children will like the animation. The gym setup is simple but more spacious and somewhat more advanced than say leap because of the steeper and longer slopes. The swing the teacher admitted was a bit dangerous and they were planning to remove it or pad the bars. Its good they’re open to change. The owners were walking in and out of the office and at one point chatted with me, which gives the place a sort of homely, small setup feel. I can see why the teacher said that the parents of their kids feel like family. There was also no hardselling, the teacher did follow up but was very polite about the whole process. What I didn’t quite like: The simple class structure seemed like something I can easily replicate at home. Like play tag with Sophia around our home then show her some flashcards. All in all I am not unhappy with this place but I sort of see no point in sending Sophia there. Again it could be partly due to the way the trial class is set up. If Sophia were to join the actual class perhaps I can see the actual dynamics between the children that the teacher was speaking of and it would appeal more.

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