Peek-a-boo review

Sophia went to peek-a-boo last friday with ultra adorable and sociable Isabella last friday. Here’s Izzy. Look how charming and smiley she is. (G, I hope you don’t ind me posting Izzy’s photo. I’ll take it down if you do.)


We started off at a corner with Sophia clinging on to me but soon she started exploring, starting with this slide nearest to us. I think she was amazed that children emerged from the slide.

Exploring the slide

Then we moved on to the trampoline when the big kids cleared from it for some reason. After bouncing on it for all of one minute Sophia decided to crawl off it and down the steps leading to it all on her own! I was quite surprised she managed so well. No wonder she was insisting on walking down the stairs at Lily’s place. She probably thinks she can do it. But then no way I was going to let her try with normal steps. The gym’s was heavily padded and just 3 steps or so.

Crawling off the trampoline

Eventually Sophia found this small house that an older kid was playing in and basically took over the house. Seemed like the older kid wasn’t happy about playing with a baby. Oops.. guess all kids like to play only with older kids.

Playing house

Look at Sophia, happily opening and closing the door, and going in and out of the house. Her grandpa tells me that she does the same thing at the playground at school.

Open; close; open; close

At one point, though, a little boy pushed a walker very fast towards Sophia and knocked on her. I guess for some reason the impact wasn’t great because she didn’t fall and didn’t cry. I was quite shocked though and decided to sit behind her as she plays just in case. Pictured below is the said walker that crashed into Sophia.

Walker that bumped into Sophia

Overall the place was not too bad. I can see how there will still be more and more things for her to explore as she gets older but there is already quite a bit that she enjoys now even though she can’t quite climb up to the higher levels yet. Best of all its free for children 11 months and below so its a good opportunity for us to explore the place for free. I also like places that are fair that way because children below 1 really cannot enjoy much of the facilities but families with multiple children would of course bring the whole family out together so to have a no-charge policy for under 1 is good.
I don’t think I will use the drop-off service though, because I didn’t see the staff paying much attention to the children. For example they didn’t step in when the boy was going around bumping into other children with the walker although the boy’s mum was there so after a short while she stepped in. Towards the end Sophia was very tired and wailed loudly but again they didn’t even look over much to see if anything was the matter. I’m personally not too concerned about that though, because the staff was friendly enough and I generally won’t entrust Sophia to the care of others anyway.

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