Snack monster

I introduced biscuits to Sophia as a way to teach her to self feed with minimal mess but little did I know she would love the biscuits so much that she can just snack all day long! After I introduced HappyBaby corn snacks it got worse. Throughout the day she would point at the corner where the snacks are stored and demand to be given some corn puffs. All this snacking can’t be good for her and yet I can’t put a stop to it. I’m sure its much worse when she’s alone at home with grandpa.
Bread counts as snack to a baby too so she happily gobbles up bread too. But healthy purees are another matter. Oh well, at least she eats avocados (when they have been flavoured with lemon or apple), fish, quinoa and pumpkin. I just need to expand the list of staple more.
Anyone has any tricks to get this snack monster to eat more normal healthy food and snack less?

I want bread

Doesn’t she look so much like a boy in this outfit?

2 thoughts on “Snack monster

  1. Well one idea is that instead of corn snacks, how about giving her actually corn? I gave Sophie a small section of corn on the cob after she turned one and love it. Otherwise how about fruits, like apple slices, grapes, banana. Anyway for their age, they love to be exposed to different taste and textures so don’t get too hung up if they don’t eat that much as they still get their nutrients from milk.

    • Thanks for the tips! Yep, I’m feeding her fresh fruits and veges as snacks on weekends but weekdays where she’s at home alone with grandpa its too much to expect him to prepare the fresh fruit and clean up the mess. So dry things like biscuits and bread are the max he can manage. I take comfort in the fact that they are made from organic whole grain ingredients and have minimal sugar and salt. Just hope she doesn’t get too hooked on junk food!

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