Taking care of an almost 1 year old

So much has changed in less than a year. I can’t quite say whether it was easier or more difficult to take care of a newborn or the one year old she is now. Equal parts both ways I guess. As a newborn, what she needed was basically food and diaper changes. She didn’t quite have inexplicable cries due to any other reason (colic, boredom, reflux etc). So a typical day went generally along the lines of constant feeding with short breaks for sleep, diaper change and baths. The difficult parts were (1) that she’s so fragile and needed to be handled delicately and (2) she constantly feeding which takes a toll on the mum.

Now at 1 year old she has a lot more needs and wants. Food wise other than milk she needs solids which depending on taste and mood she may spit out or smear all over her hair or scream for more. Diaper wise she is still as nonchalent as ever, happy to go around even with a poop filled bum. Entertainment wise she needs so much of! And she must get what she wants. So now a typical day goes something like this:

7am – wake up, change out of pyjamas

7:10am – breakfast of solids, usually avacado mashed with another fruit

8am – milk approximately 160ml

8:30am – walk with mummy to work

9am – tear around the house, pull books off shelves, scatter toys around floor. In the middle of this demand snacks several times and get it from the indulgent grandpa

11am – hopefully fall asleep

12 noon – lunch

12:15pm – continue tearing around the house and making an even bigger mess. In the middle of this maybe read a few pages of hte books thrown from the shelves with grandpa. Eat a lot more pieces of snacks.

3pm – Fight grandpa’s attempts to make her nap. Eventually nap on a good day

5pm – either be up from nap or grandpa gives up attempts to make her nap. Tears around house more.

6pm – pick up grandma from tanjong pagar mrt station. I was told that for this trip she doesn’t struggle against sitting on the car seat and doesn’t cry on the journey. But once they reach the station she insists on being picked up.

7pm – dinner

7:30pm – bath, followed by walk either to 7-11 or cold storage nearby.

8pm – bedtime

Sounds easy enough isn’t it? But each diaper change involves a screaming child refusing to lie down, each bath involves fighting with a child insisting on putting the shampoo into her mouth and each meal involves a massive amount of mess. Well, we live and learn. And wait patiently for the day where our children are able to care for themselves. And pray that the day never comes where she is “too old” to spend quality time with her family.

2 thoughts on “Taking care of an almost 1 year old

    • And I mentioned you in mine! I continue to have technical problems (I’m sure they are user problems) but I can’t wait to publish the post. Thanks for being such an inspiration! Love your Blogging 101 post btw.

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