Weaning on fresh cow’s milk

Unheard of in Singapore but I am likely to do it. I’ve been in 2 minds becaue all the books and articles I’ve read said you *can* give baby full cream milk at age 1 but doesn’t say you *should* do so or its preferable to do so. I’ve always instinctively felt that the more procesed food is the less “healthy” it is. In general. Hence I instinctively prefer fresh milk to highly processed formula. Yet everyone around me seems to believe that formula for toddlers contain more nutrients necessary for brain development, increased immunity, eye development and a whole host of other benefits that is difficult to ignore.

The only support I had for my view is this post by this mum who put breastmilk, fresh cow’s milk and formula under microscope and found that breastmilk was the most “lively” followed by fresh cow’s milk and formula just looks dead. But then that is just how it looks and not what all those things we see do so its not super convincing evidence to say that fresh cow’s milk is better. So I have put off the decision since Sophia is still drinking only breastmilk. But now that I am less than a month away from Sophia’s first birthday which is when I plan to wean her from breastmilk (I think I hear the husband heave a sigh of relief and whispering “finally”), I’ve stepped up the research on this point and am still seeing all the “can”s but not the “should”s, until I found this:  http://www.chroniclesofanursingmom.com/2009/08/formula-milk-for-toddlers.html. Yay! Vindication for my views! I shall be a one mum army in my campaign for fresh cow’s milk for babies.

Plus fresh milk is cheaper than formula, I think. Though since formula is dry a small tin can presumably make up a lot of milk so the could well end up not being so different. Anyway, I shall assume its money-saving too and can probably then use the saved amount to purchase organic fresh milk then. Isn’t it great?

I’m sure the grandparents will frown, but I’ll deal with it then.

Oh wait. Then there’s the question of whether goat’s milk is better since 1) I’ve heard somewhere that goat’s milk is actually closer in composition to human milk and 2) there is a goat’s milk farm in Singapore but no cow’s milk farm so its possible to get fresher goat’s milk. But that means organic plan is out of the window? More research is in order! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Weaning on fresh cow’s milk

  1. Hi Elaine, I just happened to chance upon this post. Just wanted to share that we sometimes give our dear girl fresh milk too (we alternate between fresh and formula). We started a few months ago after she turned 1. I didn’t do any serious research at the time, but the PD said it was OK (give this excuse to the grandparents, worked for me!). And now I’m coming across all kinds of research on how formula is too manufactured and even the DHA in formula can cause serious digestive issues in some children. Check out safbaby.com. I think anything man-made and manufactured is worth researching before we let our children injest it. So, just to let you know you’re not alone in your pursuit of fresh milk haha. Look forward to any further info you can dig up! (and yes, fresh milk is cheaper.)

    • Yay! Glad to hear I have a comrade in my pursuit and thanks for the link! Its so hard to find any anti-formula information, probably because bloggers, magazines and even doctors can kiss their advertising money and free samples goodbye if they write anything like that. Not that I’m specifically seeking that though, concrete research / findings showing that formula has tangible benefits will be good too so at least I can make up my mind either way but that is not really available either, although advertising claims are abundant of course.

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