Poop disclaimer

I generally try to avoid discussing poop publicly for obvious reasons but I’ve been dying to share about this weirdest habit of Sophia so I guess I’ll have to narrow my exceptions to things like… oh wait, if I actually list the examples then I am actually subjecting my readers to the things that I promised myself not to subject you to. Anyway if I don’t define my limits I’ll have the option of pushing it right? 🙂

So my darling baby girl, she only poops standing up! I tried to google about this and there are others who say that their babies poop standing up but because they don’t have much control over their bodily functions so they poop in whatever position they happen to be in. Sophia she deliberately stands up when she wants to poop. Like even if its night time and she’s already lying down and about to go to sleep, if she needs to poop she will pull herself to standing position, cling on to the bars of her crib and start making pushing noises. It seems to in equal parts bode well and and not-so-well for future toilet training endeavours, well because she is clearly aware when she needs to go and will look at the nearest adult with a poo face, not so well because how are we ever going to get her to sit or squat over a potty if she gets used to doing it standing up?

So there. My first poop post. Hopefully that wasn’t too gross. At least I had a disclaimer in the heading and there was neither picture nor description of the actual product. It should hopefully be bearable to non-parents (assumption being parents are generally immune to poop).

2 thoughts on “Poop disclaimer

  1. I totally agree that moms are the only ones who are immune to poop. In fact, they are probably the only one inspecting and talking about poop like us here. I have blogged, discussed on FB and tweeted for advice on matters of poo when my daughter was having constipation. Now she does the same thing as your daughter, poo while standing up. And the last time I saw her pushing, she told me to turn away mummy!

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