Yay! She can drink milk without a bottle

Drinking from a straw cup


I’ve been reluctant to wean Sophia off the bottle even though she’s drinking water very well with a straw cup now because (i) she seldom drinks more than about 30ml of water at a go and (ii) when she doesn’t want to drink she’ll deliberately take in a mouthful and spit it out. I’m not too keen on wasting precious breast milk that way. However, today I went out with a bottle of milk but forgot to bring the teat for the bottle so I poured the milk into her straw cup and kept my fingers very tightly crossed. To my pleasant surprise, she finished all 220ml of the milk! I totally didn’t expect it as I always thought that the straw was too thin so she would never finish much liquid from it simply because it takes too much effort. I guess it just goes to show that we should never say never.

It may just be beginner’s luck this time but at least I know its technically possible so after Sophia turns 1, the cow’s milk that she gets will be served in cups. Hopefully I don’t have to grapple with issues of bottle attachment and misaligned teeth and jaws from excessive bottle use 🙂

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