Happy First Birthday Sophia-no-longer-a-baby!

Sorry for the radio silence recently. This is the reason: Sophia’s turning 1 tomorrow! We had her birthday celebration today since its a public holiday. Its going to be a most photos post today as I’m exhausted. But I’ll try to post a party planning 101 series in due course where the lowdown of party details will be provided. Meanwhile enjoy the photo highlights picked from all of 44 miserable photos taken with my camera today.

Happy Birthday to Sophia

That’s her cake above. I thought of making one of my own but in the end chickened out and commissioned a cake to be made by a home baker instead. The prototype was a cake from hello naomi (http://hello-naomi.blogspot.com/) shown below and the instructions were to change it to 2 tier and replace the dolls on top with kokeshi dolls to suit the japanese theme. Everything else was supposed to stay roughly the same and I specifically requested for the colors used to be soft like hello naomi’s. So you would see that the end product was very different from what I expected but I guess its more suitable for a child’s birthday and, if I cast aside my personal preferences, quite pretty in its own way.

Babushka cake from hello naomi

In return for giving up on the actual birthday cake though, I did fulfill my dream of baking a dessert table

Dessert table

The homemade components of the dessert table are: chocolate cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, pink lamingtons, mango tarts, scones with homemade jam, shortbread, gateau breton and sugar biscuits. The store bought items are pocky in various flavors, japanese nuts and organix baby biscuits, which nobody opened in the end. Of course, not forgetting delicious chef icon chocolate cake courtesy of D. A closer look at the cupcakes:


The catered portion was from Neo Garden. Food as usual is passable, nothing to write home about but no complaints either. It was also supplemented by some home cooked savories such as potato salad, wafu salad, soba, tori karaage and bbq ribs.

Neo Garden

Sophia was remarkably well behaved today and didn’t fuss at the party. She also slept for an hour just before the party then woke up in time to greet the guests and stayed awake till everyone left without becoming fussy sleepy monster. She also allowed everyone to carry her which is very unusual.

Receiving gifts from Hann Hann jie jie

With Aunty Shann and Samuel gor gor


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