Party planning 101

Children’s birthday parties have come a long way since I was a kid. Back then parties were held at our own HDB homes with home cooked food prepared by mum and served up in aluminum trays. If we had a small catered buffet it was already a luxury and Macdonalds was the pinnacle of happiness. Now macdonalds parties are not even cool anymore. Parties are held at ultra expensive indoor gyms or condo function rooms and must be complete with catered food, balloons, a super elaborate 3D cake, and some form of entertainment for the kids such as face painting, balloon sculpting, magician performance, games, crafts or all of the above.

I had no idea what a mammoth task I was taking on when I first decided to celebrate Sophia’s first birthday with a party but now that its finally over, I guess I might as well record the planning process so fellow mummies can have a reference and Sophia can know how much mummy loves her.

Step 1 of party planning is venue. For convenience I went with my condo’s function room. Step 2 is theme. After brainstorming, I’ve decided to go with a japanese theme. Along the way lots of other ideas tried to hijack the theme but I stood firm. Though the noah’s ark theme was really tempting especially since Sophia so loves animals and animal themed party supplies are much easier to find than japanese themed ones. Turns out the japanese theme was a great idea as Daiso was a great inexpensive source of supplies.

After settling the theme, I divided up my plan into 5 areas: 1) Food, 2) decor, 3) favors 4) entertainment and the surprise element 5) a dessert table! Ok I know technically that should fall under food but food’s the boring stuff. Dessert table’s the exciting bit that I’m going to DIY (or fill with store bought sweets and biscuits if I fail).

The centerpiece of the dessert table will of course be the said elaborate cake. My cake of choice was from crumb ( but alas, she’s not free on 2 January. Why am I not surprised, if I had her skills I’m sure I’ll be swamped with orders too. So I went with another of the many home bakers out there which I shall name if the cake turns out the well. I toyed with the idea of baking my own cake when Pau Lin of Crummb couldn’t bake Sophia’s cake but logic prevailed and I knew I couldn’t possibly make anything decent and Sophia would end up with a bengawan solo cake. Or a cupcake with a candle.

Now that the cake is settled, its time to work on the other aspects in the 5 pronged approach. Stay tuned!

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