Penang Place

On Christmas Eve (yes, I know I’m very behind time on catching up with blogging!) we (paternal grandparents, daddy, mummy and baby Sophia) went to Penang Place at Fusionopolis. I picked the place because I knew the in laws, being Indonesian chinese like nonya style food. Glad that the food turned out really delicious. As good as the food I tasted in Penang I must say, though I’m sure people more familiar with Penang will disagree. Nevertheless, its close enough. The paternal grandpa had 2 bowls of chendol and its the first time I’ve heard him say a chendol is good.

At the dining table

Its unlike Sophia to be wearing a jacket, isn’t it? That’s because she’s wearing it only because of her paternal grandpa who asserted that its really cold. I wonder why he feels cold so often since Guangzhou is supposed to be colder than Singapore and it is winter now so theoretically he should find it warm here, not cold. Anyway, since she can’t jolly well get heatstroke in an air conditioned place, I went along with it.

After lunch we headed over to Insead where Sophia had fun at the family room then fell asleep carried by mummy. Poor mummy couldn’t even sit down because the moment her feet touched any material she woke up crying! Strange baby.

Little Insead

Surprisingly, at one point Sophia decided to take out puzzles from containers then put them all into one container. I don’t recall ever seeing her organize things like that. She busied herself with this activity for quite a while.

Pouring out puzzles in preparation for the packing up later

I’m so glad Sophia was generally well behaved throughout the trip. Towards the end she started being fussy but that was already around 5pm and about time to head home for dinner anyway. Perfect timing.

On the way home we stopped along Chinatown for some touristy activities. I’m not quite sure whether we are allowed on this trishaw actually but since a tourist was doing it, we just followed suit.


By the end of the day, she was pooped. And who could blame her……

I have no energy to smile


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