Ikea is, for some reason, many Singaporean parents’ favorite weekend hangout. I guess its because of the kids play area, and the not-fantastic-but-passable breakfast in that bright airy space. I have been known to participate in conversations dissing Singaporeans for going to ikea for food or family time but in truth, I’m guilty as charged.

Sophia with her mouth full of yummy food

Ikea’s restaurant is really very family friendly. Bibs, highchair, they provided it all. And even for a baby I was able to find a lot of food that would pass my relatively stringent selection process. The cheddar cheese passed, as did the parts of the potatoes and carrots that did not touch the cream sauce. She was even allowed a little of the baked fish – the inside portion that did not touch the seasoned crumb coating. Vetoed the cinnamon bread though as it was far too sweet.

Sharing her seat with dog-dog and rabbit

The Ikea trolley is super safe complete with a seatbelt and the many soft toys that could be found at the children’s section was a perfect companion for Sophia.

Plus, its so fun to throw her into the bins of soft fabrics.

I'm not a towel!

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