Party planning 101 – decorations

I can’t believe I lost the post on party decor! It just completely disappeared, its not in my drafts folder and not posted on the blog either. And I spent so much time writing it. Grr… I don’t think I can reproduce it so guess this will be an abridged version.

Decor planning started with looking at what the stores had to offer but since they were generally too gaudy and cliched, I did my own:

Completed Sophia's birthday flag banner while she was sleeping

Origami butterflies were folded nightly after Sophia slept then strung together and tied to dowels:

Origami butterflies

Origami butterflies were also scattered around the dessert table. Balloons filled with helium were delivered tied up in bunches and floated around. The balloons were the most costly of all the decor items and arguably the most dispensable, at least the helium version. Normal air filled balloons would have sufficed and pleased the kids just as much. Here’s a look at how the room turned out:

Butterflies over glass door

balloons and butterflies over play area


View of the room plus guests

Hope this post gives fellow mummies some inspiration that a special party does not need to be costly. It was exhausting but fun to be DIY-ing so much for a party but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


2 thoughts on “Party planning 101 – decorations

  1. Love the DIY banner that you did. I made my own banner for Sophie’s first birthday too as I didn’t like those sold outside and didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for something that will only be up for a few hours. Very nice Jap feel.

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