Getting off the bed

Practicing with grandpa's help

Ever since Sophia fell off the bed while sleeping / crawling around in a drowsy state after waking up, she has been very cautious about getting off beds. We’re not sure what happened that time we left her sleeping on the bed and found her crying on the floor since nobody was in the room. My guess was she crawled around in a half stupor immediately after waking up. That’s what she usually does. Anyway, since then, she refuses to get off the bed on her own. Someone always needs to “spot” her even if we don’t touch her. We need to be there to catch her when she falls. And when she’s alone in the room she just screams for help. We keep telling her its ok, you just need to get off legs first but because it involves a little jump she’s still cautious. Hope she grows out of this soon but never ever progress to the stage of climbing out of her crib like these babies:

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