Party planning 101 – favours

Packing the favour packs was really fun for me. Because I didn’t go out and buy one of those party favour packs and bags, but rather put together a lot of things that I separately selected or made. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with store bought favour packs, the kids love them equally much or possibly more. I’m sorry to report that I didn’t save any money on the favour packs and possibly spent more than average but I do feel it shows more sincerity. I’m kind of sad that almost half the kids who rsvp-ed didn’t turn up so it was almost like half the time and effort I put is actually went to waste. Oh well, they had good reasons and its always better to have more than have less. Anyway, lets take a look at what went into the favour packs:

Item 1: Homemade sakura cookies – Everything from the cookies to the royal icing to the fondant used to make the sakura was homemade. Cookies from flour, eggs, sugar etc, not premix, royal icing from meringue powder (avoiding raw egg yolks because its for children) and confectioner’s sugar, and fondant from marshmallows, confectioner’s sugar, butter and water. Each cookie was then wrapped into a plastic cookie bag and sealed with a card that was designed along the same theme as the invitation, banner, etc.

Homemade cookies

Item 2: Homemade jam

Little containers of homemade jam

I made a full sized jar of blueberry and strawberry jam to go with the scones at the dessert table and at the same time made extra to divide into little baby food containers for the favour packs. These were again made from scratch by boiling the fruits with lemon juice and very little sugar.

Item 3: erasers – I was very lucky to come across these cute erasers that were so apt for the theme of the party, especially the kokeshi dolls, but they were probably too girly to be in a boy’s favour pack so the boys got the cats while the girls got the dolls.

Kokeshi doll eraser

Cat eraser

Item 4: Recipe cards – I printed out the recipes for items on the dessert table and put them into envelopes sealed with kokeshi dolls that form the theme of my party decor.

Recipe cards

Item 5: A piece of the same kokeshi doll stickers used to seal the recipe cards and the favour pack itself was also included in the favour pack. A tad girly for boys but I can’t think of a boy equivalent unless I went out to get store bought stickers.

Item 6: Snacks – Baby biscuits for those under 18 months or so and hello panda for the bigger kids. From meiji and pigeon, in accordance with japanese theme of course.

Baby biscuits

Hello Panda

Item 7: Bottled water with party theme label. I got the idea from the party pictures from other countries that I saw online. For many of the parties the dessert table also had bottles of drinks personalized with a label designed along the party theme. I thought they looked really pretty so did something similar. My husband wrned that many may not dare to drink the water but I can’t see why since people will eat kit kat personalised with party labels and bottled water with labels of various companies. The seal of the bottle was clearly unbroken so what can be wrong with drinking it?

Personalised bottled water

Item 8 – Crayons. To me this is the filler, but the children may appreciate this the most, I’m not sure. I got 3 different kinds for children of different ages. The oil pastels are for older kids who are already able to draw well, the wax crayons for slightly younger kids who probably do not yet have the coordination to deal with messy oil pastels and the pen type for the babies so they won’t dirty their hands when using the crayons. These are just $2 a piece from Daiso. Again very japanese. I’m constantly amazed how Daiso produces such quality products at such low cost.


What do you think? A pack of rubbish or a thoughtful pack that guests appreciate?

As for the birthday girl, she was just happy to use the boxes I stored the favour packs in as climbing aid to get onto my bed:

2 thoughts on “Party planning 101 – favours

  1. What a great idea for a party pack. You are dedicated and very thoughtful. My wife would so appreciate all the work you put into this if she were one of your guests. Great job!

    BTW …

    Congratulations! It’s official – The Academy, okay, mj monaghan, has recognized your wonderful blog with the Versatile Blogger Award!

    Here’s the envelope with more details:!

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