And I am THAT mum

Somewhere on Facebook a friend shared a link to a post on Baby Loving Mama ( (I’ve really got to figure out how to do these links properly on my mac!!). The original post that sparked this post was her friend’s blog Soleil Selene ( so all due credits are hereby given. Now here’s my list of the kind of mum I am.

I’m the mum:

  • whose baby girl never gets to watch television.
  • who tries to turn on the classical music channel for her baby as often as she remembers, which is for about half an hour every month, on good months.
  • who studies the labels and prices of every single follow on milk formula only to decide to give her baby girl fresh cow’s milk.
  • whose baby girl never gets sweetened drinks or juice or commercial cereal that has any sugar added or sweets or ice cream. Everyday she holds out against the temptations of the world is a success for her.
  • who insisted on exclusively breastfeeding her baby for a full year despite her baby’s pediatrician’s repeated advice to give formula mainly because she read that it made the kids smarter.
  • who thinks she’s being a modern liberal mum by letting her daughter explore places on her own and promptly regrets it when her 1 year old proceeds to throw apples on the floor or topple a mug of tea over her friend’s sandals.
  • who was very inspired to be tiger mum after reading Amy Chua’s book but gave up 2 minutes into trying to get her 1 year old to recognize the alphabet. No fear, we still have 5 more months to go. Then 11 more years before we have to reach Carnegie Hall.
  • who plans her child’s birthday party at least one month in advance and fully taps that excuse to turn into mad planner woman, mad baker woman and mad craft woman.
  • who cannot sit at home with her 1 year old for more than half an hour at a go. We’ve got to get out or we drive each other crazy.
  • who takes a full 5 minutes to think about whether to smack her baby girl when she bites her to hard she drew blood, only to realize that the moment is gone by then and proceeds to say “No!” in a stern voice only to be laughed at by her little girl.
  • who wrote out her baby’s solid feeding schedule 2 months in advance of weaning to solids and then amended it at least 100x before and during the weaning process

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