Petite Park Review

Last week when my dad was fetching my mum from work as she had half a day off, I sneaked out with Sophia once he left the house. Why do I have to act like a teenager I’m not quite sure myself but such is the dynamics of staying with one’s parents plus being too practical in thinking that since we live within walking distance from our workplaces, the family really only needs one car, being my dad’s car. That makes my dad feel obliged to chauffeur all of us wherever we go and Sophia gets first priority for her appointments. Consequently it makes me feel like I have to trouble him whenever I bring Sophia out and hence reluctant to do so. Weird dynamics? I agree.

Anyway, Sophia and I trooped all the way to expo from our home in the CBD.

Changi City Point

And our intended destination was clearly Petite Park as the title of this blog already revealed.

The ball pit - humongous and deep!

The highlight of the place is this huge ball pit, which is really much larger than the ball pit at most other indoor playgrounds.

Large bouncing balloons

This area with large bouncing/floating balls was what attracted me to check out this place after seeing it featured on other bloggers’ reviews. However, it is not quite appropriate for Sophia as the balls were really quite large and they even make me feel momentarily dazed when a particularly large one hit me in the head so I can understand why Sophia was rather scared the whole time we were in side the balloon cage even though she was excited at the same time.

Fan and balloons

What looked really amazing at first glance is really quite low-tech. A caged up area with larger than normal balloons blown around by a very ordinary fan.


This slide also looked quite amazing on blogs and Sophia rather enjoyed climbing up the slide. She still doesn’t seem to get it that slides are meant for sliding down on and prefers to climb upwards on it instead. And once she reaches the top she is at a lost as to what to do. Too cute!

Ship Ahoy!

I can imagine bigger kids enjoying this ship that gently rocks to and fro. Sophia liked walking along it too but I’m not quite sure she knows what its meant to be.

There was also a bouncing castle type slide that Sophia really enjoyed bouncing around on but alas my camera acted up on my by the time we got there so no photos. There was also an area with smaller toys like wooden puzzles, xylophones, play kitchen and the like where Sophia played with an older kid who served her “toast”, “cakes” and “tea” because “it was her doggy’s birthday”.

All in all we enjoyed the trip. Sophia didn’t want to leave. The staff were generally competent and nice. They were constantly putting toys back to where they belong after children messed them up and this gentle lady kept watching out for Sophia and telling the older girls to “be careful, the baby’s there”. Not that they paid any attention to her but at least she bothered to try.

I may be back. Or not. Only because its so far away.

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