Just like that, another (Chinese) year has gone by

For the uninitiated, the main activities associated with most chinese festivals, Chinese New Year included, are: eat, eat and eat. And in the case of Chinese New Year also visiting relatives so you can eat more there and the children can extort red packets from anyone who is married. 90% of the food associated with Chinese New Year are “heath” food i.e. food that according to traditional chinese medicinal thinking is likely to cause sore throat. I’m usually immune from this “heat” from food but this year I’m hit in the face by it. I’m nursing a bad throat and associated runny nose, lethargy etc so pardon the almost exclusively pictorial post.

As I said, CNY is all about food, starting from the eve, on which the family gathers for a feast.

Here my ever so animated cousin Michelle is preparing the quintessential dish of the Chinese New Year season in Singapore - Yu Sheng

Meeting many relatives is part and parcel of Chinese New Year but here you se Sophia still needs some getting used to re this part of the tradition. She's clearly wary of my second uncle.

Grandaunt is her favorite as usual though she did get extra sticky to mummy

Eyeing the glorious spread

A rare chance to take a photo of the nuclear family

Even baby Sophia gets a bite of the cherry (literally)


One of the good things about having lots of relatives over is that they can take turns to play with Sophia while we take a breather.

The other good thing is we all get to buy/use new things, like this new bag which was a birthday present from my good friends LH and S. Isn't Sophia completely looking the part of a studious little girl here?

And here?

And the best thing of all for baby is that Daddy gets to stay home and read to her

All ready to go to school errr... go visiting I mean

But for mummy the best thing of all is being able to dress up the baby in an oh-so-adorable chinese costume

Though baby seems to prefer modern technology to traditional stuff!


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