I finally got Sophia to consent to sitting on the stroller when out with me alone. Here’s us on the train and she didn’t even ask to be carried when she saw me sitting in front of her. Unfortunately its a different story when anyone else is with us. It seems she thinks there are so many of us surely one of us can carry her.

Not too happy but nevertheless accepting

Getting her to sleep is a breeze once I figured out the trick. Just push her into the nearest megamart or toy shop, hand her a soft toy, preferably a soft bear roughly her size, and push her around for approximately 5 minutes. Works like a charm.

Dozing off hugging Pooh Bear

2 thoughts on “Stroller

    • Nope, it goes back to the shelves. Else I’ll have a soft toy store in no time! I do make sure she doesn’t drool on it or otherwise dirty it of course. 🙂

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