Royce Kids’ Gym review

Sophia joined Luke and Izzy at the second working mums’ play date (which reminds me, I need to blog about play date number 1) at Royce Kids’ Gym today. It was unlike any other play gym in that it had far more things that an infant or very young toddler could enjoy. There were tonnes of brightly coloured toys all over and some slopes and swings and hammocks. Its not as futuristic or clean or sophisticated as say the Petite Park but I dare say its more fun for Sophia and other kids at around the 8 months to 3 years age group. Older kids may find it not exciting enough. I’ll stop here and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sophia playing with a xylophone


On a separate note, we learnt today that baby Luke is now sleeping very well through the night and napping well in the day and is a much happier baby as a result and its all thanks to just one session with the Baby Sleep Fairy and following her advice. I’m mighty impressed.

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