Help needed

Weaning Sophia off the bottle is proving to be as frustrating a process as weaning her off the breast. She’s willing to accept milk from a straw cup once in a while such as when we’re out and I (again) brought expressed breastmilk out without the bottle teat. But when I make it a regular thing for her to drink from a cup, she seems to realise that means she doesn’t get to drink from a bottle anymore and after exactly 2 days she will violently resist milk from a cup. She’ll take the first sip not knowing whether its water or milk but once she realises its milk, she’ll spit it out and scream her head off if we offer it to her again.

It doesn’t help that my parents don’t think there is a need to wean her off the bottle in such a hurry and are making discouraging remarks whenever she rejects the cup.

How oh how can I make this stubborn girl accept milk from a cup? Unlike weaning from the breast where she’ll eventually drink when she’s thirsty/hungry enough, she now can turn to solids and plain water for hunger and thirst but those won’t give her the nutrients she needs from milk. Back to stressful state…

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