Hush Hush and its synonyms

I’ve been visiting a lot of friends in my one month break while I was in between jobs and as a result got to see a lot of people at work calming a crying baby. Its surprisingly interesting to hear people’s pet word for pacifying their baby.

1) Whistle – yes, not shhh… but an actual whistle. It was quite surprising to me because I’ve always associated whistling with getting a child to pee than getting him/her to stop crying. Not that I’ve used it in either instance because I also don’t see how making that sound will inspire pee.

2) “sak sak” – as in love in the doting sense in cantonese. Not an unusual work but I guess I just have never heard a predominantly cantonese speaking person at work calming a baby till now so the continuous repetition of the work “sak” is interesting to me.

3) “stop it!” – cute, especially when the mum in question said it in a way that was firm but at the same time as if she wasn’t really expecting it to work.

Me? I say “love love” more than anything else. I also say “mummy love”, “Mummy carry”. “mummy’s here” and “Sophia go to sleep” depending on the situation, but especially when Sophia was younger, “love love” was the most common phrase. So mcuh so that when she refused to be carried by her father, the father said “Daddy also love love what”.

What about you? What’s your pet calming phrase?

2 thoughts on “Hush Hush and its synonyms

  1. I think mine’s, “okay, okay, mummy’s here”. My way of telling her how everything’s gonna be okay coz I’m here for her and to protect her 🙂

    • Oh yar, I do something similar too! When she catches me sneaking out of her room after I think she’s asleep and starts crying I run in and say “Its ok, Mummy’s here.” haha

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