Hands for Homes

Bedbugs. Pesky things they are. Our home suffered a case of (suspected) bedbug infestation before. I’m semi embarassed to admit it because it sort of suggests we are somewhat unhygienic and hence allowed bedbugs to breed. That may or may not be true. I’m not a cleanliness freak and my husband is worse but we’re not filthy and we don’t go around bringing garbage home. Nevertheless all of us started getting incredibly itchy bites on our hands and legs and even baby was attacked. I started researching on the pest and realised they are a global problem even in other developed cities. They spread so easily especially in fabrics. You can bring it home by sitting on an infested cab seat, buying clothes from an infested boutique, laying your towel on an infested hotel bed, the list is endless. To get rid of them is difficult. And with a young baby I didn’t want to spray my place with pesticide. This website contains some useful methods of dealing with a not-so-severe infestation, as was the case for my home. I applied some of the principles to my home – took the covers off all our bedding and sofas and put them in the washer and dryer, and used a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the crevices and corners of my home and the seams of sofas and mattresses. The problem went away.

Ours is probably a minor infestation and hence easy to fix. Yet it already made our lives quite miserable. The bites were really itchy to the point that I was woken up several times a night by existing welts. I cannot imagine the lives of the elderly in rental flats who have no ability to deal with the issue themselves. How do they live with these bloodsucking pests?

Hence I’m quite happy to be able to do my part for the Hands for Homes programme. Its not just about bedbugs but also about other improvements to the homes of the elderly, low income households in Tanjong Pagar GRC like fitting them with induction cookers (some of the elderly still cook with kerosine stoves!) and changing lightbulbs. Anyone keen to join me as a volunteer?

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