Starting out with the iPhone app

Just a quick post using my new toy – iPhone 4s and the wordpress app on it. This will probably come in handy. So far loving the camera on the phone. Now if only I can stop Sophia from snatching it or looking longingly at it whenever I fish it put. Currently I’m variations of the same 2 pictures in my photo library: a blur of flailing hands reaching for the phone or a dazed longing look. She hasn’t actually laid hands on this phone yet and I’m going to try make sure it stays this way for as long as possible.

Ok, this trial post is going to be really short because I can’t seem to get my fat fingers to type right in the iPhone keypad.

Here’s Sophia going “oh my god, how did I end up with this tech idiot as a mum???”


2 thoughts on “Starting out with the iPhone app

  1. I have the iPhone. The camera is fantastic, internet very good, but the keyboard … ugh! I can hardly type on it. I’ve had mine for almost 2 yrs. You will like the phone altogether though.

    • You’re right, I like it overall. Its like all the mobile devices I’ve ever owned (camera, MP3 player, phone etc) rolled into one and better. Even the keypad isn’t as bad as I thought. And this coming from a seasoned blackberry user who never thought she would be able to get used to not feeling the compression of a key.

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