And which mum is not in need of more sleep?

More about my new toy today, sorry.

Like most mothers out there, I’m in a constant state of anything between mild to severe sleep deprivation, and it doesn’t help that, for some reason, 7am (which is the time Sophia wakes up in the morning) seems to be the time when I tend to be in my deepest sleep. Or so it seems because I always get up feeling like I really don’t have enough energy to get through the day. I remember the luxury of sleeping till I wake naturally from my pre-baby days and sleep cycle seems to promise a similar experience.

The idea is that the app makes use of apple’s accelerometer to detect movements in the mattress when one sleeps (hence it won’t work with tempur mattress, which is testiment to how great that mattress is as a shock absorber and if you are a light sleeper and have a partner who moves a lot, you know which mattress to get). The idea being that in deep sleep, motor signals are blocked and “sleep paralysis” occurs, whereas in lighter sleep more movement will be detected.

The user will have to set a 30 minute timeframe within which the app will pick the best time to sound the alarm. Upon hearing this the hubby said that this is ridiculous since if it sounded the alarm at the beginning of the 30 min period he would have been deprived of an extra 30 minutes of sleep and ended his appraisal of the app (without having tried it) with “this is the kind of app that venture capitalists will reject outright”. Clear sign that he has been studying too much and filling his brain with too much theory from his MBA course because I bought it and so did about 35,000 others. Its no secret that I’m a cheapskate, at least when it comes to myself. I’m generous enough to people around me (I hope) but always think twice before spending on myself. So when I search for apps to download on my phone, the search parameters tend to be things like “best free apps”. But as all mothers know, sleep is important so when I read the rave reviews about sleep cycle, and fantasized about being woken up in such a way that I feel as if I’m already awake, the app just reminded me of it, I was willing to shell out was willing to shell out a whopping $0.99 for it. Ok, not a big sum but remember, I’m a cheapskate and it is the only paid app on my phone other than watsapp.

There are rumours that the app is a fake but I doubt it judging by the tens of thousands of rave reviews and my one experience after just one night. The claims are that the app just generates fake graphs even if it is placed on a flat surface like a table and sounds the alarm at roughly the 25 minute mark. Any experience of waking up more refreshed is merely placebo effect. However, looking at the graph generated last night, it accurately pinpointed a point when I was fully awake, woken up by an unexplained stomach cramp. The timing was spot on – 4am. Other reviewers also said the app helped them identify patterns such as habits that enable them to have better sleep quality.

However, my big gripe is, the app woke me up from deep sleep??! It admitted so in the graph of my sleep pattern last night. I read some reviews that say it takes the app a few nights to analyse the user’s sleep pattern and hence be better able to pick the best time. I hope that is true!

Will update whether this is truly a lifesaver or just another interesting gimmick.

2 thoughts on “And which mum is not in need of more sleep?

    • So far its actually quite useless. I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck when the alarm sounds. Although sometimes I kind of know why. Like this morning my blanket fell off the bed and I was woken by the cold sensation, feeling like I really need to go back to sleep. And what do you know, the app senses that I am awake and starts sounding the alarm. Dang.

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