What a great idea

Sophia loves to tease her grandaunt. Its hilarious to watch. She’ll deliberately do something calculated to trigger a reaction, then watch poker faced for the reaction. And when grandaunt does something calculated to make her laugh, she looks on cooly as if finding it juvenile. Mischievous one she is.

Just that other day she insisted on holding grandaunt’s mobile phone while having her dinner. The doting grandaunt obligingly handed it over saying “don’t drop it.” Immediately we all detected a look on her face that said “what an excellent idea!” and the next moment her arm is sticking out holding the mobile phone precariously between her fingers.


Another favourite is to pretend to do something so as to generate a reaction. Like last night she was so tired she yawned once on our nightly stroll. We teased her saying “Sophia’s yawning” and she immediately started to pretend to yawn over and over again. And at the Dog Whisperer event, she kept touching her legs in a bid to attract grandaunt’s attention again. And of course she succeeded.

The grass's tickling my leg...not!

This little girl. What’s one to do with her?

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