Happy Belated Pancakes Day

It was pancakes day yesterday and both yesterday and today we celebrated with pancakes for breakfast and snack. So I thought I’ll share my healthy toddler friendly pancake recipe. Its actually adapted from the basic recipe provided by ediblesubstance – 1 cup self raising flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg, pinch of salt. Easy eh?

Here’s my healthier version for Sophia:

1 cup wholewheat flour

1 tablespoon rolled oats (I used ground rolled oats which I keep around to mix up for Sophia’s usual breakfast but if you’re just using the whole rolled oats, just soak it in the milk (next ingredients) for a bit)

1 cup liquids (mixture of mashed up fruit of your choice and milk)

1 teaspoon ground flaxseed

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 egg

Whisk everything together and fry on a lightly buttered pan. Drop some berries in before the pancakes cook through.

Speaking of recipes, here’s a recipe for Sophia’s typical lunch these days:

1) 2 tablespoons quinoa seed

2) 2 tablespoons amaranth

3) 2 tablespoons millet

4) 1 tablespoon minced beef

5) 3 tablespoons fish cut into small pieces

6) 2 tablespoons vegetable of choice – carrot, spinach or shanghai green being the most common ones. Yesterday she also had some bittergoard added.

Boil grains till soft like a porridge then add remaining ingredients and turn off flame after 30 seconds.

2 thoughts on “Happy Belated Pancakes Day

    • Same, I just learned of it this year too! How wonderful the world of blogging is isn’t it? I learn something new almost everytime I check freshly pressed.

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