When did she learn to make the connection?

Since when did the little wriggling wormlet who was only capable of waving her hands and making “eh” sounds  become capable of complex thought characterastic of an actual human being?

To illustrate my point: 2 nights ago, grandma brought Sophia out for her nightly stroll but only reached as far as the lobby before they turned back for it was raining. When grandma put her down to warm up her night feed, she walked in the general direction of the door/shoe cabinet. Grandma assumed she may be trying to reach her shoes but since the shoe cabinet was closed and the handle too high for her reach, its unlikely she’ll succeed. Hence grandma ignored her and went to the kitchen anyway. When grandma returned, what did she see but Sophia walking towards her with a foldable umbrella hanging on her wrist. She has it worked out that they can still head out as long as they bring a brolly!

Ok ok, I know its supposed to be like common knowledge but I assure you, its amazing to me.

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