Kiddy rides

Since Sophia wasn’t previously aware that kiddy rides could move, her encounters with them consisted of her peacefully co-existing with Barney on a stationary car, exploring the steering wheel and the various blinking buttons.


That peaceful co-existence lasted all of 5 seconds the moment you throw paternal grandparents in the mix. Without thinking, the grandparents took out dollar coin after dollar coin and slotted it into the machine in exchange for 5 minutes of jiggling around. This despite me assuring them that Sophia is perfectly happy on a stationary barney car since she is unaware it could move. Once she does know that it can move when a flat shiny object is slotted into a long thin hole though, she will never be content with a stationary ride ever again.

And hence commences my ordeal of having to cough up a whoping $1 which I think is such a rip off or having to whisk away a screaming and crying child whenever we walk past a kiddy ride in a mall. Why are there so many of them around? And who fixed the ridiculous prices, because when I was a kid, these rides cost 20 cents and taking into account inflation rate of an average of 3% per year they should cost less than 50 cents today, how did the vendors arrive at $1?? Oh, yes, of course, because parents, and especially grandparents, will willingly shell out whatever price they set because we have no choice.

3 thoughts on “Kiddy rides

  1. Ooh… I so understand how you feel! ever since my son found out that these rides are able to provide him with some exciting times, they are always the highlight of his mall visits.

    Often we have to skirt around the rides… I have no clue as to how he is able to spot one even at the most obscure corners.

    Actually – it’s more like a minute for a dollar. 2 minutes if we’re lucky.
    The pirate ship at Suntec City’s Level 3 (at the corner near Chateu De Sable) lasts 2 minutes. 🙂

      • Actually it’s more the Daddy’s work – there is a timer on most of the machines with a screen, and when he first told me about the timing, I didn’t believe it!

        I timed the next few rides just to quash his insistence… but of course he was right. Haha…

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