One for Sophia, two for mummy.

I don’t know how she arrived at this equation but it was so cute: I cut up strawberries for us to share this morning and of course she was allowed to pick them out of the bowl herself while I fed myself. Initially. After a while she decided to wriggle so much that I had to hold her with one arm and hold the bowl with the other, leaving none to pick strawberries up for myself. So Sophia very kindly decided she’ll feed mummy for a change. And when she first started doing it I thought she had enough and was trying to get rid of the leftovers by dumping them into my mouth, which is what she does with food she doesn’t like. But after feeding me 2 pieces she fed herself one piece, and repeated the pattern. How cute is that? Not one piece each, not random switching around but 2 for mummy, 1 for Sophia.

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