Bishan Park

We brought Sophia to Bishan Park yesterday. Which was part of the reason why I was so exhausted. The timing was just perfect for Sophia though. She had her mid afternoon milk drink at home before we set off and fell asleep on the car. When we reached there she slept for another 15 minutes or so on the car then woke up for a lot of park fun.

She chased after dogs…

ran up and down slopes…

bossed grandaunt around…

learnt how to tie a ponytail in the breeze…

lugged her own picnic mat around…

learnt about mimosas folding up their leaves when touched…

and patted more dogs…

All in all mighty good fun for everyone and we ended the day with supposedly famous fried hokkien prawn noodle from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 market. I didn’t quite like it though, the alkaline taste from the egg noodles was too strong for me. It overwhelmed all the other flavours including a supposed unami from the prawn stock. But it has a huge following so there must be something good about it that I just didn’t know how to appreciate.


2 thoughts on “Bishan Park

  1. Craving hokkien prawn noodles now haha 🙂 I don’t like Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10’s either. Agree with the strong alkaline taste. We were at Bishan Park yesterday too.

    • I met a colleague at the market and she too didn’t think the hokkien fried prawn noodle wasn’t all that good. What a coincidence you were at Bishan Park too! We could have passed each other by and not known. Small world.

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