Jacob Ballas Children Garden






We brought Sophia to Jacob Ballas children’s garden last saturday. It was her paternal grandparents’ last day in Singapore so we tried to get her to bond more with them.

We were blessed with such perfect weather that day – not too hot, not too cold, perfect for being out in the open.

I've always wanted to attempt a shot like this - sun shining from among the foliage.

There were so many adorable children at the garden, including this adorable set of twins:

Would you like to share my biscuit?


Do not disturb, I'm enjoying my biscuit.

I hope the parents of these children don’t mind me putting up these photos. I don’t know who they are but the domestic helper who brought them there didn’t mind their photos being taken and they are so adorable I couldn’t resist sharing them. 

Anyway, after walking round the rather small garden twice, we decided to bring Sophia to the waterplay area. I was, yet again, not very well prepared. She did have a change of clothes and diapers but no swim diapers, no towel and no pull up diapers tochange into (its easier to put on pull ups outside than stick ons). And she wasn’t equiped with hats and swimsuits like the other children. Nevertheless, we removed her pants and set her free. She was rather reluctant initially.

Turning back from the water and holding grandaunt's pouch for support


being encouraged to go near the water

But once she got comepletely soaked she totally enjoyed herself. She kept holding her hand out to the water and putting it to her mouth. Wonder whether she was trying to drink the water.

I like waterplay

As a side point of interest, who should we bump into there but MG Chan Chun Sing, in what looked to civilian me like an army PT kit (brown round neck t-shirt and black shorts), soaked in sweat and bringing his daughter who’s wearing a romper with only one button done up (it seems) to the treehouse slides. I do have a shot with him in the background, unintentional, but I shall not put it up as even politicians deserve to be able to enjoy weekends with their family without worrying about unglam photos appearing in the public domain. Despite all that has been said about him since his debut as a politician, on that day, I just saw a good man, a good father, with his adorable child. And that’s nice.


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