Where is Peter Pointer?

As all mummies would know, babies have short concentration span and to get them to sit still for a meal when they are at 1-ish is quite a feat. Sophia is actually quite good about it compared to some babies I know but she still needs to be entertained while she’s on the high chair. So today when she started fussing I passed her one of the alphebet fridge magnets. It happened to be a “P” and she put her index finger through the hole of the P so dad and I started singing “where is peter pointer? where is peter pointer? …”. When we got to “run away”, she put her hand down! I thought it was a fluke because, as far as I could remember, I’ve only sang this song to her a couple of times and when she was something like 8 months old. She couldn’t have really known the actions. So we tried again, and again, and each time she did it.

So proud of my bright baby.

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