Milk milk

I wish this was available in Singapore:

Grasfed plus organic. That’s what I need. Actually grassfed hormone free is good enough for me but alas I couldn’t find a source. Sophia is now drinking Pura milk because its from cows that are mainly grassfed. The only organic pasturised (as opposed to UHT, just in case anyone thinks I’m thinking of feeding Sophia RAW milk, I’m not that OCD. yet.) milk that I could find in Singapore is the original organic valley full cream milk, which is not from mainly grassfed cows. So neither Pura not Organic Valley original is the best option but are better than the other options being grain fed plus non organic milk. Hence, I was thinking of alternating between the 2 initially but my dad prefers Pura because of the packaging (includes a screw-cap). And so Sophia ends up drinking that more.

I thought about cow’s milk but eventually dropped it because of the low folic acid levels, especially since I emailed the only goat farm in Singapore to ask about folic acid levels, whether they supplement it in their milk and whether their milk is suitable for toddlers, and after months I didn’t hear back. I can only assume it means they have no confidence their milk is suitable for toddlers.

Can anyone advise whether there is a better option available in Singapore? Please don’t say formula, Sophia refuses to drink it.

15 thoughts on “Milk milk

    • Omg, this is almost exactly what I’m looking for. I suspect the cows eat more grains than grass but still, organic cow’s milk produced right here in our little island.

      • Charlene, I called them up to deliver a couple of bottles to my place. Its really convenient, and the guy I spoke to was really friendly. Shall update on how Sophia takes to it

  1. Hi, the Organic Valley website states ‘All Organic Valley dairy farms are pasture-based, meaning a major portion of the cows’ diet comes from certified organic pasture’ , which i would take to mean that it is mainly grassfed.

    How does the Cantalatt milk compare to Pura and Organic Valley in terms of taste and colour?

    • I didn’t notice that! Thanks for pointing that out. Looks like Organic Valley is the way to go then. Too bad its not available at the supermarkets near my place but I will be sure to go for it whenever I get the chance.

      Cantalatt has a stronger “milk” or “cow” taste than either Pura or Organic Valley, possibly because its just that much fresher having come from a local farm. I can imagine someone like my mum (who doesn’t much fancy dairy) not liking it but someone who likes milk generally will probably like it. Colour wise, I’m not sure! They all seem rather similar to me.

  2. Cantalatt cows are grain fed, not pasture in my opinion it is even worse than Pura since Pura milk comes from cows that are pasture fed.

  3. Have been referring to your milk posts while my own daughter starts fresh milk this month. Thanks for the tips and for sharing your research!

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I hope the information is not outdated! The one good thing I’ve found, though, is that organic milk from Organic Valley seems to be available at more places these days (e.g. more cold storage as opposed to only MarketPlace). I’m really glad. How’s your daughter’s fresh milk journey?

      • I think your research is still valid. Well, there are no more updated findings anyway, so that’s good enough for me. 🙂 I’ve been buying Pura as the Fair Price next door carries that, though when i next pass Cold Storage, I’d like to give Organic Valley a try too.
        Been adding fresh milk gradually to Ally’s formula and she’s loving it! Yay for fresh milk!

  4. Hi sis.. i chanced upon yr blog while going through a search on organic milk and hormone free milk. i knew only one brand actually: its Fred and Chloe. i got it from mustafa’s and its about $2 per 1l pack. cheaper then some organic milk though. its uht milk. if u dont mind.

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